Easy 3D body scanning technology
We turn 2D photo into 3D object on your demand
All you need

Body or body parts like a head, foot, hand, clothed in out elastic cover that has special marks and colors. The colors and marks like a barcode can be customized for a specific brand.

Download application for a smartphone or computer and take common 2D pictures following the instructions.

Once the pictures are taken, the program automacatically converts them into 3D object, makes high precision measurements, calculates and saves parameters.

Helmets and protective body gear for sports need to be secure and comfortable. This is what we do with RUNLIMIT.
Manufactures and vendors of today and tomorrow need to be closer to the customer like a personal tailor.
Mostly all prosthetics are custom-made. We propose an easy, affordable and reliable solution for orthopedists and manufactures.
We are open for collaboration with manufactures and vendors. We can create special solutions for implementation in different spheres.
Body scanned
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